How to Spy On the WhatsApp Conversation of another Person

How to Spy On the WhatsApp Conversation of another Person

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There can be several reasons why you need to spy on the conversations taking place in somebody else’s WhatsApp account. If is your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, you might be worried about the loyalty of the other person. You may be harboring doubts as to whether the other person is cheating on you. As such, you may feel the need to WhatsApp mitlesen in order to clarify the matter.


Here is a short guide on how you can perform WhatsApp auspionieren easily. You will require a smartphone for the following process.


Basic Steps

First, you have to uninstall WhatsApp from your device. This is necessary in order to read the other person’s messages. Get the phone of the other person and find out the MAC address. This is a code which is unique to every device. The MAC address can be discovered through the Settings option under the About Device section. After noting the MAC address of the other person, you need to do the same for your device.


Install an App

There are several apps available on the various app stores which allow you to change your MAC address. Find one of these apps and install them. They are typically free of cost. Once installed, open the app. Use the appropriate option to change or spoof the MAC address of your phone to that of the other person. The change will not affect the functionality of the phone.


Install WhatsApp

Once changed, you can now install WhatsApp in your phone. Sign in with the mobile number that the other person is using. A confirmation code will be sent to that number. Therefore, you need to have the other person’s phone with you so as to get the code. Use the code to confirm the log in. You can now launch WhatsApp and start receiving the other person’s messages and conversations.


There are several other methods of handy auspionieren which you can use. However, this one is rather effective.


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