Facts about Propylene Glycol As Used In Vaping

Facts about Propylene Glycol As Used In Vaping

Propylene glycol is one of the main compounds present in any ejuice. When you wish to find out how to choose best e liquid, it helps to know how this compound can affect your vaping experience. As such, take a look at some of the facts about propylene glycol or PG below.

What Is It?

Propylene glycol is a byproduct of petroleum but is safe for human consumption. It does not have any colors or odors whatsoever. It is often used in higher concentrations in vaping for producing what is known as a throat hit. PG is mainly used, however, because it is an effective carrier of flavor compounds.

PG is not just used in vaping. It is a common ingredient for a number of common household items. Even asthma inhalers have this product. Apart from medical products, you can also find PG in pet food, beauty and cosmetic products.

Effects of PG during Vaping

Many people find that they are unable to enjoy e-juices that have a high concentration of PG. The compound ends up irritating the throat. This is a common problem and can be easily remedied by choosing best eliquids with a lower PG concentration. Other effects of PG can be dry mouth and a sore throat. It can also increase your thirst. These effects will disappear once your body adjusts to the PG which can take up to a week at most.


Unpleasant effects may happen if you have started using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. They are the result of quitting nicotine and not because of PG. If you do feel uncomfortable, you may want to use e-liquids that have only vegetable glycerin.


If you want to become an advanced vaper, you need to understand how PG affects the vaping experience. This way, you can start steeping your own e-liquids with time.

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