If you are working for a start up – Ask these questions

If you are working for a start up – Ask these questions

One of the riskiest career choices would be to work with a start up. In order to ensure success, make sure you put in efforts to deliver the best to add value to the company and get good compensation in return. Not everybody like the famous Internet entrepreneur Patrick Mackaronis is successful in what they do. Many people get inspired by Patrick Mackaronis and start their own business venture while others choose to work for start ups.

Before you consider making a career move and work for a start up ask the following questions to yourself

How working for a start up will benefit me?

You should think about how you will be compensated for working with a set up. In case you think you may not get what you are worth for you may consider moving to a more established start up or continue with your current job.

How will your efforts benefit the company?

Of course you should gain a lot from any start up, but on the other hand it is important to add value to the company as well. You will get a lot of growth opportunities through start-ups especially younger people at the initial stages of their career. In simple words, if you do not perform well and add value to the company, you may not be in the business venture for a long time.

Is the start-up you are working for venture-backed?

 This is the most important thing you should ask as if you come to know that the start up you are working for is venture-backed; it becomes easy to know how much money was invested and who the main investors are.


These questions will certainly help you decide whether to go for start ups or continue with your regular job.


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