Pokémon-Go- Tips to Evolve your Pokémon

Pokémon-Go- Tips to Evolve your Pokémon

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This article will help you know about the tips to evolve your Pokémon in Pokémon Go game. Well, we recommend many players who fall in prey for tips that say how to hack Pokemon go, to read these tips that can help enjoy the real game without opting for a hack tool.

To evolve Pokémon you need to have a particular type of Candy with a required amount of Candy. It will help the players activate the evolve button, which can be found on a particular page of Pokémon underneath their stats and names.

You should keep in mind that the Pokémon you find will be quite powerful that is Pokémon with a high rating CP, when your trainer gets to a higher level. Wait till the time you catch a Pokémon that you wish to evolve upon reaching a higher level before giving away candies required to evolve your Pokémon.

The process of evolving your Pokémon is a proven method to increase the Pokémon’s CP drastically in just one goes, but this also requires a few catches. Different types of Pokémon require different number of candy to evolve. The Pokémon that are simple enough to evolve are Weedles, Pidgeys and Caterpies, who require only 12 candies (each) to evolve. On the other hand, Magikarp, need a large number of Candy to evolve.  To obtain a mighty Gyarados, you require 400  Candy (Magikarp.

Evolving your Pokémon also yields a few effects other than just evolving it  stronger. The newly evolved Pokémon will be completely healed, having randomly reselected moves. Because of this fact, do not make a mistake to select the Pokémon you want to evolve looking at the moves it has. They are going to change anyway.  For best results, try to evolve Pokémon that are rated on the CP scale in the range of 80-90% as they will evolve as extremely stronger Pokémon.

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